dissabte, 13 de gener de 2018

All about the UK

Today, Cristina from the publishing house Burlington Books came to our school to talk about the U.K. She’s an American girl that used to live in New York so we had the chance to listen to a real English person and to know more about another country in another language that is very important for us. She told us everything about the flag, the typical food, information about the four countries that form the U.K and facts about them. To make the  presentation a little more interesting she made us play a kind of game. We had to answer questions in order to get a prize.
It was a really interesting and funny way to learn and practice English!

dimecres, 10 de gener de 2018

Presentations New Planet

Today in the II+D class we did all our presentations about the new planets that we created. In our groups we first explained our individual planet and then our common planet in English. Wile we were talking we were showing our individual drawing and the one that we made with the group, we had to mention the slogan and the meaning of the drawing, we had to explain why we wanted to potent our planet so then a lot of people would come.

dimarts, 9 de gener de 2018

Tico, Tico, Taca, Taca

La tribu de 3rESO hem començat l'any d'una manera molt divertida. 
A la tutoria de dilluns, després d'explicar-nos com havien anat les vacances, hem jugat una mica, ja que el joc és una molt bona manera de fer els vincles més forts entre nosaltres.
El joc es diu el TICO, TICO I EL TACA, TACA.
Hem rigut i ens ho hem passat molt bé!!